eXacal technology

eXacal thermometers were designed from scratch. The development time took over four years. All components used have been carefully designed and coordinated. Of particular importance is the developed handle, which acts as a technology carrier. Due to its modular design, eXacal thermometers can be combined in almost any way.





The handle as technology carrier


Our eXacal thermometers can be assembled as a construction kit in almost any way. This is made possible by our aluminium handle, which is equipped with an individual 3d-printed insert for each thermometer. Important components such as strain reliefs, inert gas fillings or different protective tubes can be freely combined.



Temperature detectors


For the thermometers we use wire-wound Pt 100 ceramic detectors. They are handmade and carefully stabilized. Three hand-picked types are used. They each represent the best compromise between design, stability, hysteresis and self-heating:

  • 1/10 DIN detectors for precision thermometers up to 420 °C
  • High temperature measuring resistor up to 850 °C
  • 1/10 DIN extra small detectors for fast response times and improved heat connection



Thermometer wire


As thermometer wire at the measuring resistors and in the capillaries we use noble metals and no commercial coated wires. Depending on the temperature range, these are pure silver or platinum. In this way we reduce thermoelectric effects in the thermometer.



Protection tubes


Protection tubes are selected with regard to thermal stress and the nature of the atmosphere. In order to protect the temperature sensor optimally against mechanical and chemical influences, protection tubes made of pure ceramics, noble metals, high-temperature alloys or sapphire are used, depending on the application.


Connection cables


Connection cables for thermocouples and resistance thermometers are assembled by hand. We use copper strands made of a low-stress copper alloy which was cast especially for our thermometers. A reinforced textile sheath made of heat-treated fibreglass protective tube, which is resistant to high temperatures, serves as an insulating sheath. This protects the individual strands from mechanical stress, high temperatures and organic solvents.







High quality carrying case


All eXacal thermometers are delivered in a cardboard box. Alternatively the thermometers can be ordered with a high-quality wooden carrying case. Due to the robust wooden case with the adapted foam inlay the sensitive thermometers are well protected during transport and storage. 






Questions about the technology?

Contact person: Thomas Klasmeier – thomas.klasmeier@klasmeier.com