Pt100 Modell IHW
Industrial reference thermometer (angled)


Angled reference thermometer for measuring external reference temperatures as temperature standard for temperature dry block calibrators.

  • 90° angled
    The Reference thermometer is angled 90°. This creates space for calibrating larger designs such as transmitter heads, thermometers with larger handles or flanges for installation.
  • Large temperature range
    Reference thermometer can be used in the temperature range from -100 °C to 600 °C
  • Stable Pt100 temperature Sensors
    Use of highly stable and aged high-temperature Pt100 measuring resistors



It is best to calibrate the angled reference thermometer together with the temperature dry block calibrator. An individual characteristic curve of the angled reference thermometer can be programmed into the temperature block calibrator.

Technical data

Model Pt100IHW
temperature range -100 °C … 600 °C
Nominal resistance Pt100 (100 Ohm)
typical annual drift 2,5 mK
Connection type Four-wire
Connection cable Temperature resistant – EMF low strands from own production
Connector Banana plugs or depending on configuration
Sheath material Metal
A* 200 mm
B* 50 mm
C* 750 mm
Handle ∅ 12 mm x 40 mm
Diameter 4 mm
Measuring resistor / temperature sensor
R0 100 Ohm ± 0,05 Ohm
Alpha 0,003850 ± 0,000005
Standard IEC 60751:2008
Limits 1/10 DIN
Length 25 mm
Recommended measuring current 1 mA
Self-heating 4 mK

*Dimensions Pt100 IHW see sketch: