Type R / Type S Industrial reference thermocouple

Precision thermocouples made of noble metal (type R thermocouple and type S thermocouple). Optimized for applications with small immersion depths, e.g. in temperature dry block calibrators.

  • industrial Type R / Type S reference thermocouple
  • optimized for applications with small immersion depths
  • small inhomogeneity due to thermally treated thermowires
  • thin ceramic sheath for fast response times
  • ideal for industrial use e.g. in bry block calibrators

The Type R / Type S reference thermocouple was specifically developed as a temperature standard for industrial calibrations and temperature measurements. It consists of the same high quality thermocouple material as the Type R / Type S precision thermocouple. However, the design of the Type R / Type S reference thermocouple is specially adapted to industrial requirements. For example, the ceramic sheath is made from a smaller protection tube. These small dimensions mean that the Type R / Type S reference thermocouple can be used as a temperature standard for calibration with dry block calibrators, for example. As a further adaptation to industrial conditions, an external reference junction can optionally be dispensed with; instead, Type R / Type S mini plugs can be used. Excellent measurement uncertainties are achieved with this type of thermometer, as no compensating materials are used if required (not even on the connecting cable).

Technical data

Model No. KK-167/KK-168
Temperature range 0 °C to 1200 °C
  • Type R (Pt13Rh/Pt)
  • Type S (Pt10Rh/Pt)
  • maximum purity available
  • thermally pre-treated and annealed
Sheath made of gas-tight high-purity ceramic
Handle maximum continuous temperature 100 °C
Function  DIN EN 60584 (individual parameters are calculated during calibration)
Uncertainties of measurement (with DAkkS calibration)
Fixed point calibration
419,527 °C
660,323 °C
0,2 K
0,5 K
0,5 K
Comparison calibration
0°C to 962°C
>962 °C to 1200°C
0,8 K
1,5 K
Protection Sheath Ø 5 mm x 290 mm
Handle Ø 12 mm x 40 mm
Length of thermocouple wire 300 mm
Length of connection cable 1 m
Carrying case Included (Exclusive wooden case optional)


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