Pt/Pd Precision Thermocouple

Platinum / Palladium thermocouples (Pt/Pd) are the most precise thermocouples manufactured in the eXacal factory. 

  • Temperature range: 0 °C to 1500 °C
  • stress-compensating design
    The design of the measuring point allows stress-free expansion of the thermo wires.
  • excellent inhomogeneity
    The high purity of 99.99 % and the thermal pre-treatment of the thermocouple wires ensure excellent inhomogeneity.
  • small measurement uncertainty and low drift
    The achievable measurement uncertainties are better by a factor of 2 than with type R/S thermocouples.

Pt/Pd thermocouples can be used in the temperature range from 0°C to 1500°C with very small measurement uncertainties. A special feature of this thermocouple is a junction of the thermocouple wires without mechanical tension. This special design ensures stress-free expansion of the platinum and palladium thermocouple wires. The different thermal expansion coefficients of the two thermocouple wires are thus compensated without mechanical tensions changing the Seebeck coefficient.

Measurement Uncertainties

Technical data

Model No. KK-150
Temperature range 0 °C to 1500 °C
Connection   temperature resistant – Thermoelectric cable with very low EMF copper
  • Platinum / Palladium (Pt/Pd)
  • 99,99 % purity
  • maximum purity available
  • thermally pre-treated and annealed
  • made of gas-tight high-purity ceramic
  • stress-free expansion of the thermo wires possible
Handle maximum continuous temperature 100 °C
Function  IEC 62460
Uncertainties of measurement (with DAkkS calibration)
Fixed point calibration
0,01 °C
419,527 °C
660,323 °C
961,78 °C
0,2 K
0,5 K
0,2 K
0,2 K
Comparison calibration
0 °C to 962 °C
>962 °C to 1200 °C
0,4 K
1,5 K
Protection Sheath Ø 7 mm x 500 mm
Handle Ø 20 mm x 95 mm
Length of thermocouple wire 2 m
cold junction  Ø 6 mm x 280 mm (stainless steel)
Length of connection cable two meter connection cable made of very low EMF copper
Carrying case Included (Exclusive wooden case optional)


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