Pt100 Type N Medium Temperature Precision Thermometers

The eXacal precision thermometers are used for precise temperature measurements or as calibration standards.

  • Temperature range: -100 °C to 420 °C
  • small measurement uncertainties: 6 mK to 21 mK
  • robust alternative to ITS-90 standard thermometers
  • high stability and good calibration capability
  • Small measurement uncertainties with DAkkS calibration certificate
    The thermometer can be calibrated at fixed temperature points with smaller measurement uncertainties.


eXacal thermometers are calibrated in our own DAkkS calibration laboratory. The DAkkS accreditation ensures that all calibrations are traceable to national and international standards.

The calibration of eXacal resistance thermometers is carried out at ITS-90 fixed points. It is also possible to carry out calibrations according to the comparison method in liquid baths and calibration furnaces. The measurement uncertainty is calculated from many components. The largest contributions are reproducibility, ITS-90 function, self-heating and hysteresis.

Measurement Uncertainties

  • Small measurement uncertainties with DAkkS calibration certificate
  • Temperature fixed points from mercury triple point -38,8344 °C  to zinc freezing point 419,527 °C
  • ITS-90 standard thermometer for comparison calibration

Range Fixed Point Uncertainty
-38,8344°C Mercury 6mK
0,01°C Water 6mK
29,7646°C Gallium 6mK
156,5985°C Indium 10mK
231,928°C Tin 11mK
419,527°C Zinc 21mK

The given measurement uncertainties correspond to k=2, include an ITS-90 function and are given for the respective range.

Technical data

Model eXacal Pt100N
Temperature range -100 °C to 420 °C
Nominal resistance Pt100 (100 Ohm)
typical annual drift 2,5 mk
Connection type Four-wire
Connecting cable temperature resistant – very low EMF stranded wires from own production
Connection banana plugs or depending on configuration
Sheath material Metal
Thermometer wire silver
Handle ∅ 20 mm x 100 mm
diameter 6 mm
Length 400 mm
Connection cable 2 m
R0 100 Ohm ± 0,05 Ohm
Alpha 0,003850 ± 0,000005
Standard IEC 60751:2008
tolerance 1/10 DIN
length 25 mm
recommended measuring current 1 mA
Self-heating 5 mK to 10 mK
DAkkS Calibration
Fixed point calibration 6 mK to 21 mK
Comparison calibration 15 mK to 35 mK


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